Tunnel Vision is a biopic film. A survival/underdog story of a modern day American hustler in the world of Hip Hop concert promotions. The subject of the movie Johnny Russo is a White/Italian guy who has been one the biggest Hip Hop promoters for the past 20 years.

The ATF, FBI, and DEA have been on his tail for the last 15 years. As a young man, he was incarcerated for 5 years in Federal Prison. Johnny Russo had friendships with Tupac Shakur and Mac Dre in the early 90’s through firearms sales. After prison, Johnny rebuilt his life and became a real estate mogul before the financial crisis/mortgage meltdown ensued. Johnny’s corrupt attorney then ran a ponzi scheme on him and set him up on a complicated federal “money structuring” case. The feds seized over 6 million in assets (Luxury cars, properties, homes and cash) from Johnny, and once again, he has to come back when the chips are down.

It’s a captivating story that keeps you guessing what will be Johnny’s next move…

The screenplay “Tunnel Vision” is based off of the real life hustle of Antonio Salvatore Servidio (fictitious name Johnny Russo) and a splash of Hollywood has been added to the script’s material. The story and information in the screenplay are based off of true reports from the FBI, ATF, DEA, and The Department of Justice. The information provided from his mother, family, production crew and attorneys were all reviewed for factual accounts.

The film will also cross all color lines, as did Eminem’s “8 Mile”. We view this as a modern day “Catch Me If You Can” vs “The Wolf of Wall Street” with a splash of “Casino”.